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Occupiers Convoy Under Fire On Crimean Isthmus - Melitopol Mayor Fedorov

Occupiers Convoy Under Fire On Crimean Isthmus - Melitopol Mayor Fedorov

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A convoy of Russian soldiers on the night of Tuesday, December 20, came under fire on the isthmus between the Kherson Region and the Crimea, near the village of Chonhar.

The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, announced this on the Telegram channel, having published the corresponding video, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Mysterious situations happen recently where the occupiers thought they were safe. Tonight, on the Crimean Isthmus near Chonhar, a convoy of orcs came under fire. Strange explosions are constantly heard on the peninsula itself," he wrote.

The mayor noted that, hiding in the Crimea, the occupiers hope that the Ukrainian defense forces will not get to them or they will be saved by "reliable" air defense, but the facts say otherwise.

Fedorov stressed that the liberation of Melitopol in the future will allow the Ukrainian army to see enemy groups in the Crimea at a glance..

"And the liberation of Melitopol will reduce the distance between our forces and the enemy so much that the groups of the "second army of the world" in Crimea will be at a glance. So today at gunpoint is a thin isthmus. Tomorrow, the entire peninsula is under control," Fedorov concluded.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Russian occupiers intensified counterintelligence measures on the Crimean peninsula.