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Lukashenko denies Putin insisting on joining the war in Ukraine – ISW

Lukashenko denies Putin insisting on joining the war in Ukraine – ISW

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko most likely refused President of Russia Vladimir Putin to make further integration concessions and join the war in Ukraine.

This follows from a statement by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

During Putin's visit to Minsk, both dictators refrained from publicly discussing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but noted that Belarus was allegedly facing a Western threat. Putin said that he may consider training Belarusian combat aviation crews to use "munitions with special warheads" due to the "escalation" of the situation on the external borders of the ally state.

"Previously, ISW assessed that Lukashenko uses the rhetoric of protecting Belarus' borders from the West and NATO, trying to avoid participation in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Lukashenko also used similar hints about the possible placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus on February 17 in the context of the West's declared aggression," analysts note.

The President of Belarus noted that Russia would supply S-400 air defense systems and Iskander complexes, and Putin stated that the two leaders discussed the formation of a single defense space.

ISW analysts believe that based on this, the participation of Belarus in the war in Ukraine remains unlikely, otherwise Lukashenko would have to change his rhetoric from "border defense against the Western threat" to aggression in another country.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, after the announcement of a sudden check of combat readiness, the first units of the Belarusian troops left their permanent deployment points. A unit of special operations forces is also being transferred closer to the border with Ukraine.

On Tuesday, December 13, the self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Belarus Oleksandr Lukashenko ordered a sudden check of the combat readiness of the troops.

ISW analysts previously believed that Putin was going to pressure Lukashenko to establish full control over Belarus, but the self-proclaimed leader would be against it.

The commander of the United Forces of the AFU, Lieutenant General Serhii Nayev, believes that the purpose of Putin's visit is to persuade Lukashenko to launch a ground operation against Ukraine.