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Russia starts to actively jam GPS

Russia starts to actively jam GPS

Russia, start, GPS, jam, actively


The Russian authorities have suddenly intensified jamming of GPS navigation in border regions and around major cities after a series of attacks by Ukrainian drones, which hit strategic aviation airfields near Saratov and Ryazan in early November.

As of December 11, a high level of GPS interference, blocking more than 10% of communication with satellites, was recorded in the Volgograd, Saratov, Penza, Ulyanovsk, Bryansk, and Oryol Oblasts, as well as around Moscow as far as Tver, according to the data of the profile portal gpsjam.org.

Almost the entire Kaliningrad Oblast, part of the Leningrad Oblast, as well as some areas of the Murmansk Oblast near the border with Finland and Norway are also in the GPS jamming zone.

"The jamming zone of satellite navigation, which can be a consequence of the operation of electronic warfare systems, has increased dramatically over the past week," says Erik Kanneke, an expert in military intelligence at Estonian SensusQ.


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