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Air corridor to resorts of Egypt blocked for Russian airlines

Air corridor to resorts of Egypt blocked for Russian airlines

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The air corridor to Egypt - the most popular destination for foreign winter tourism for Russians - turned out to be closed for large charter airlines.

Following Turkiye and Saudi Arabia, the airspace of Jordan began to close its airspace for Russian carriers, reports Aviatorshchyna with reference to sources in the industry.

According to them, programs with flights to Egypt through the territory of Jordan faced cancellations last week. The first affected company was Nordwind, which operated flights to Egyptian resorts for tour operator Pegas Touristik.

The claims of the Jordanian authorities are related to the double "registration" of liners on which Russian charter carriers fly. Their owners - foreign lessors - registered the planes mainly in Bermuda, and after the start of the war and the introduction of sanctions, they demanded the return of the leased vessels. The Russian authorities refused, and President Putin ordered the re-registration of the aircraft fleet in Russia to use it on domestic flights. But registration in two jurisdictions violates the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

"Jordan's formal requirements are for Russian carriers to provide insurance, with mandatory reinsurance on the English market," says the source of Aviatorshchyna.

But this condition is deliberately impossible: the British insurance market for Russia is closed due to sanctions.

As a result, Nordwind, which flies Boeing 737-800 aircraft with dual registration, was forced to cancel all flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. i-Fly was also affected, for which the skies of Jordan have been closed since December 15.

A month ago, Turkiye stopped allowing dual-registration Russian planes into its airspace, and China made a similar decision in the summer.


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