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Putin Goes To Lukashenko

Putin Goes To Lukashenko

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Russian President Vladimir Putin will fly to Minsk on December 19 to meet with the head of the Belarusian regime, Aleksandr Lukashenko.

This is reported by Pul Pervogo on Telegram.

The Belarusian-Russian talks will be held at the highest level in the Palace of Independence.

The program of negotiations includes:

  • Conversation in a wide range. It will be attended by the presidents of the countries, as well as members of the government, heads of ministries and departments. In this format, the parties plan to discuss the full range of the most pressing issues of Belarusian-Russian integration.
  • Next, the leaders of the countries will continue negotiations in the "face to face" format.
  • After that, the presidents will make statements and answer questions from journalists.

It is noted that the leaders will discuss in detail the implementation of the previously adopted union programs. First of all, they will talk about trade and economic cooperation, joint cooperation projects with an emphasis on replacing imported goods.

In addition, an important topic of negotiations will be cooperation in the energy sector.

Putin and Lukashenko will also pay attention to security issues, exchange views on the situation in the region and the world, and discuss joint responses to emerging challenges.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, after the announcement of a sudden combat readiness check, the first units of the troops of Belarus left the points of permanent deployment. Also, a unit of special operations forces is being transferred closer to the border with Ukraine.

On Tuesday, December 13, the self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Belarus Lukashenko ordered a sudden check of the combat readiness of troops.