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Russia Shelled Ukraine With More Than 60 Missiles, Including Kalibr Launches From Black Sea - Air Force

Russia Shelled Ukraine With More Than 60 Missiles, Including Kalibr Launches From Black Sea - Air Force

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On the morning of December 16, the Russian Federation fired more than 60 Kh-555, Kh-101, Kalibr, Kh-22 and Kh-59 missiles at the territory of Ukraine.

Colonel Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, announced this in a telethon, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

So, he reported launches of cruise missiles from the Black Sea.

"Traditionally, they launched Kh-555 and Kh-101 missiles from Tu-95 aircraft, there are also launches of Kalibrs from the Black Sea," said Colonel Ihnat.

For the first time, there were Tu-95 launches from the Engels area, where aircraft are located at the airfield. Other launches were from the north of the Caspian Sea.

In addition, he noted that there were other missiles. And the results of the air defense will be reported by the Air Force later.

"We have S-300 launches. There is also the work of Tu-22 М3 with Kh-22 missiles. Su-35 aircraft with Kh-59 missiles also worked. The air defense worked well, we will report the results," the spokesman for the Air Force of Ukraine concluded.

Also in the sky, the work of the MIG-31K, which are carriers of the Kinzhals, is noticed.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, last day, December 15, Russia brought a carrier of Kalibr cruise missiles to the Black Sea.

Meanwhile, as a result of the morning massive rocket attack, a dozen arrivals were recorded, the Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration reported.

In addition, in Kryvyi Rih, a Russian rocket hit a residential building. As a result, two people were killed, at least five were injured. Among the injured were children.

There were also explosions in three districts of Kyiv.