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EU Leaders Agree To Allocate EUR 18 Billion In Macro-Financial Assistance To Ukraine In 2023 - Media

EU Leaders Agree To Allocate EUR 18 Billion In Macro-Financial Assistance To Ukraine In 2023 - Media

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On December 15, the leaders of the European Union reached an agreement on the allocation of EUR 18 billion of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine in 2023.

European Pravda reported this with reference to the conclusions of the European Council, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The European Union remains committed to providing financial assistance to Ukraine together with its partners and supporting its sustainability and long-term recovery. In this context, the European Union agreed to provide EUR 18 billion of assistance to Ukraine in 2023," the document says.

The European Council also mentioned the agreement of the G7 countries on the creation of an interdepartmental donor coordination platform.

In addition, European Union countries agreed to "urgently intensify the provision of humanitarian and civil protection assistance to Ukraine," as well as to "contribute to the restoration of Ukraine's critical infrastructure to help Ukraine pass through the winter."

"The European Council also proposes that the Commission strengthen coordination with European industry and international partners in order to ensure the sustainable supply of priority equipment to Ukraine, such as mobile heating points, electric generators, power transformers, as well as high-voltage and lighting equipment," the conclusions say.

Also, the EU heads of state confirmed that they will continue to provide support to displaced people both in Ukraine and abroad.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on December 10, the Council of the European Union decided to provide Ukraine with macro-financial assistance in the amount of EUR 18 billion.