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Putin Delaying Moment Of Recognition Of Russia’s Defeat In War Against Ukraine - ISW

Putin Delaying Moment Of Recognition Of Russia’s Defeat In War Against Ukraine - ISW

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Vladimir Putin has postponed his annual address to the Federal Assembly due to growing criticism of his conduct regarding the invasion of Ukraine.

It is reported by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The Kremlin tried to justify its dictator and said that he could deliver a message in 2023.

“The Russian withdrawal from Kyiv Oblast and northern Ukraine in April 2022 likely spoiled Putin’s plans to declare victory during the Federation Assembly address,” analysts said.

The ISW recalled how in March 2014, the Russian president took the opportunity to give a speech in which he announced the illegal annexation of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.

“Putin may be still waiting and hoping to deliver a grandiose victory speech in 2023 or postponing the moment when he will have to admit that Russia cannot achieve his frequently restated maximalist aims in Ukraine,” the experts emphasize.

The Institute is also convinced that by addressing the Russian public and elites, the dictator may not be sure of his ability to justify the cost of war against Russia's domestic and global problems.

“A victory in Ukraine could have allowed Putin to obfuscate Russian human and financial losses as it did in 2014, but Russia has not had any significant victories since the Russian occupation of Lysychansk in early July,” the report explains.

At the same time, the Russian president continued to spread panic among the population when he vaguely answered questions about the duration of the war and the second wave of mobilization. Thus, he caused criticism and confusion among the pro-war community.

And the Russian flight from Kherson angered even the ideologists of the "Russian world," who began to doubt Putin's devotion and ability to create a "Great Russia."

To avoid more problems, the dictator canceled his annual press conference with representatives of the Russian public.

"Putin appears to be increasingly turning to scripted and pre-recorded appearances such as his meeting with 18 hand-picked, politically affluent women on November 25 who falsely introduced themselves as mothers of mobilized servicemen," the ISW added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, this year Putin will not hold a large press conference, but he can still talk with the Kremlin pool of propagandists. One of the reasons for the cancellation, as the media wrote, was "the situation at the front."

The British intelligence service believes that Putin decided not to appear in front of the cameras so that against the background of this event there was no dissatisfaction with the "special military operation."

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