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Occupiers Caused Damage To Infrastructure Of Ukraine For USD 136 Billion Since Beginning Of War - KSE

Occupiers Caused Damage To Infrastructure Of Ukraine For USD 136 Billion Since Beginning Of War - KSE

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The total amount of direct documented damage caused to residential and non-residential real estate, other infrastructure of Ukraine as a result of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine as of November 2022 amounted to USD 135.9 billion (at replacement cost).

This is stated in the KSE Institute report, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Compared to the last report from September 2022, the most losses were caused to energy infrastructure, industry, and public and private enterprises. The amount of losses to industrial enterprises increased by USD 3 billion to USD 13 billion. This is the third largest item of infrastructure losses. Energy infrastructure losses increased up to USD 6.8 billion. It is expected that the amount of losses may be higher, as there is currently no complete information on the state of Ukrainian enterprises located in the temporarily occupied territories, and detailed information on the damage caused to the country's energy infrastructure," the report says.

As of November 2022, the damage caused to the housing fund also increased by USD 2 billion to USD 52.5 billion.

Currently, the share of the housing fund in the total amount of losses is 38.6%.

"As a result of hostilities, the number of damaged and destroyed infrastructural facilities continues to grow. The amount of infrastructure damage has increased to USD 35.6 billion, their share is 26.2% of the total amount. Of these, USD 26.6 billion - due to the direct destruction of roads, another USD 4.4 billion - the losses of Ukrzaliznytsia from the war. Compared to the beginning of autumn, the losses caused by hostilities to the infrastructure of such fields as education - USD 8.2 billion, health care - USD 1.7 billion, culture, tourism and sports - USD 2.1 billion," the report says.

It is also noted that according to the Ministry of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure, 592 heat supply facilities were damaged in Ukraine as a result of Russian missile fire, namely: 444 boiler houses, 13 thermal power plants, 7 thermal power plants and 128 central heating points.

Of these, almost 300 heating supply facilities have already been restored.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, as of September 2022, the occupiers have caused damage to Ukraine's infrastructure to the tune of USD 127 billion.