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Kyiv Receives From US 4 Excavators And 130 Generators For Boiler Houses And Heat Supply Stations

Kyiv Receives From US 4 Excavators And 130 Generators For Boiler Houses And Heat Supply Stations

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Kyiv has received from the U.S. government 4 backhoe loaders and more than 130 generators for work at boiler and heat supply stations of the capital.

Kyiv City Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced this on Telegram, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Under the USAID international technical assistance program, the Energy Security Project provided the Kyivteploenergo utility company with 4 excavators and more than 130 generators free of charge," he said.

Klitschko said that the new JCB backhoe loaders will help emergency workers quickly eliminate damage to heating networks and restore heat supply to Kyiv residents.

He noted that currently 38 emergency brigades of Kyivteploenergo are working in all areas of the city. Every day they eliminate 30-40 damages on the heating networks.

Diesel generators provided by USAID were transferred to the boiler, heat and power centers, heat supply stations, as well as for dispatching and communication needs.

Klitschko noted that with the help of generators, it will be possible to reduce breaks in the supply of heat to Kyiv citizens in case of accidents and establish communication between Kyivteploenergo units in the event of a prolonged lack of power supply.

"We strive to organize the smooth operation of the thermal infrastructure so that medical institutions, the social sphere and residential buildings have warmth. Therefore, first of all, we provided generators to those boiler houses where there are difficulties with backup power consumption for equipment. This will reduce the time for lack of heat in the homes of Kyiv residents during the power outage," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in September, Kyiv received from the U.S. government pipes and pipeline valves worth USD 1.3 million to replace 11 km of heating networks damaged by rocket attacks.