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Significant Electricity Shortage. Ukrenergo On Situation With Light

Significant Electricity Shortage. Ukrenergo On Situation With Light

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In Ukraine, there is still a significant shortage of electricity, and the situation is generally complicated by weather conditions: snow, icing and strong gusts of wind.

This was reported by Ukrenergo on Facebook.

"In the east, the enemy again launched an artillery strike on one of the de-occupied areas. Energy infrastructure facilities were damaged. Emergency recovery work will begin after the permission of the military," the press service writes.

It is noted that despite the limits of daily electricity consumption, some of the regions have already exceeded them and switched to emergency shutdowns.

"Repair crews of Ukrenergo, together with colleagues from oblenergos and manufacturing companies, are working around the clock to restore equipment damaged by shelling," adds Ukrenergo.

Recall that yesterday the power facilities were not damaged as a result of the morning attack by drones, but the power deficit remained significant.

It was also reported that the shortage of electricity in Ukraine will exist at least during the autumn-winter period.