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Poland Blocks Package Of EU Decisions With EUR 18 Billion For Ukraine - Media

Poland Blocks Package Of EU Decisions With EUR 18 Billion For Ukraine - Media

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Poland on Wednesday night refused to back a package agreement to provide EUR 18 billion of European Union aid for Ukraine, as well as two decisions on Hungary over concerns about a separate minimum corporate tax rate plan.

According to European Pravda, Politico reported this with reference to four EU diplomats.

"There is great disappointment that Poland is jeopardising aid to Ukraine by blocking the minimum tax," one EU diplomat said, describing the move as "another hostage situation."

All four documents are aid to Ukraine, Hungary's spending plan within the EU's post-pandemic recovery fund, the decision to freeze EUR 6.3 billion for Budapest and tax reform - were part of a package deal EU member states were due to pass on Wednesday.

The original deadline of 5 p.m. was extended to 8 p.m. at Poland's request. When this term passed too, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, whose country chairs the EU Council, urged his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki to make concessions for more than 11 hours, but this did not give an outcome.

Morawiecki is now expected to bring the issue to a meeting of EU leaders on Thursday in Brussels, diplomats said, although the issue is not formally on the agenda.

According to diplomats, the deadline for the adoption of the document has been extended until Thursday, but no exact dates have been given. Under the terms of the package, if one of the four points is vetoed, as is now the minimum tax rate from Poland, then all four issues will not pass.

Poland has been blocking the minimum tax rate for months but appeared to give up when it won approval for its recovery plan.

Then it was Hungary's turn to brake until it lifted its veto on Monday. But Warsaw expressed reservations at the last minute on Monday at a meeting of EU ambassadors.

"It's like an abusive relationship: they keep promising it will be different next time, but deep down we know we will be hurt time and time again," said another EU diplomat.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 9, 2022, the European Commission made a proposal to launch a new large-scale macro-financial assistance program worth EUR 18 billion, and on November 24, 2022, the enigmatic proposal of the EC was supported by the European Parliament.

On December 10, the Council of the European Union supported the proposal of the European Commission to allocate additional financial support resources to Ukraine in 2023.

The new large-scale macro-financial assistance program for Ukraine will amount to EUR 18 billion.

The total amount of EU macro-financial assistance received by Ukraine since February 24 reached EUR 6.7 billion.

Meanwhile, Hungary will receive money from the EU in exchange for unlocking EUR 18 billion for Ukraine.