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Centerenergo appoints new acting head

Centerenergo appoints new acting head

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The supervisory board of the state power generating company Centerenergo terminated the powers of acting general director of the company Vitalii Dovhal, appointing acting General Director Volodymyr Yehorov.

This follows from a statement by Centerenergo, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

Yehorov was appointed for a position of the acting Director General of Centerenergo for the period of two months until February 13, 2023. Previously he held the positions of Director of LLC DE TRADING and of a Deputy Commercial Director of PJSC Donbasenergo.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, in July, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the candidacy of Viktor Buska for the position of a member of the supervisory board of Centerenergo as a representative of the state.

In October 2021, the supervisory board of Centerenergo appointed Dovhal as acting director general instead of Yurii Vlasenko.

Dovhal previously held the position of director of fuel supply at Centerenergo.

Centerenergo includes three TPPs: Vuhlehirska (Donetsk Region), Zmiivska (the Kharkiv Region) and Trypilska (Kyiv Region), the total project capacity of which is 7,660 MW, which is about 14% of the total installed capacity of Ukraine.

The company's TPP has 23 power units with a capacity of 175 to 800 MW, of which 18 units are coal-fired, and five are designed for the use of gas and oil fuel.

78.289% of the company's shares belong to the state in the form of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

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