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AFU Air Force Made 7 Strikes Against Occupiers During Day - General Staff

AFU Air Force Made 7 Strikes Against Occupiers During Day - General Staff

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During the current day, the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck 7 strikes against the Russian occupiers. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the evening briefing.

"During the current day, the Ukrainian aviation made 7 strikes on the areas of concentration of personnel, weapons and military equipment and 3 strikes on the positions of the anti-aircraft missile systems of the occupiers," the message says.

In addition, units of missile troops and artillery of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, at the same time, hit 2 control points and 8 areas of concentration of enemy personnel.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, over the past day, December 13, the Ukrainian military destroyed 740 Russian occupiers, the loss of enemy personnel reached 96,000.

Also, on December 12, the Armed Forces liquidated half a thousand occupiers.

In temporarily occupied Donetsk, the recruitment of women has begun in order to replenish the losses of units of the 1st Army Corps of the enemy.

The Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine believes that the political and military leadership of the Russian Federation is preparing for a new wave of mobilization.

Also, a number of Russian mass media are warning about a new wave of mobilization in the Russian Federation, which may begin in the second half of January 2023, immediately after the New Year holidays.