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Torture Chambers Where Occupiers Kept Children Discovered In Ukraine For The First Time - Ombudsman

Torture Chambers Where Occupiers Kept Children Discovered In Ukraine For The First Time - Ombudsman

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In the de-occupied territories of Kherson and the Kherson Region, for the first time, children's torture chambers were discovered, where the Russian occupiers kept minors. The Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets, said this at a briefing on Wednesday, December 14.

Lubinets noted that after the liberation in Kherson and Balakliya of the Kharkiv Region, law enforcers discovered cells where the occupiers kept children. In particular, one boy spent 90 days in captivity, and during this time the occupiers cut him with a knife, burned his body, and several times took him out for execution.

"I thought it would be impossible to break through the bottom after Bucha, Irpin... We recorded the torture of children for the first time. In Kherson, we discovered 10 torture chambers, 4 in the city itself. One of them has a separate room - a cell where children were kept," the Ombudsman said.

The children were not fed, they were given to drink every other day and they were said that their parents had abandoned them, Lubinets said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 16, the Security Service of Ukraine reported the discovery of a torture chamber of the occupiers in liberated Kherson.

On November 14, the authorities of the Mykolaiv Region reported that a torture chamber and mass burials were discovered on the territory of the settlement of Snihurivka.

On November 8, in the de-occupied territory of the Kherson Region, law enforcers discovered the bodies of three civilians killed by the Russian military.