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Putin Abandons Traditional Hockey Game On Red Square

Putin Abandons Traditional Hockey Game On Red Square

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The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin not only canceled the press conference that he had held for 10 years in a row, but also gave up his traditional ice hockey game on Red Square before the New Year.

This is reported by the Russian publication RIA Novosti.

The spokesman of the Russian dictator Dmitry Peskov said that Putin will not play hockey this year. He also said that he does not know when the address to the Federal Assembly will take place.

"Colleagues report that the address may take place as early as next year, and there have also been messages that it may be in a written form. No, it does not happen in written form. And as for the messages, if is it possible next year. Certainly, it is possible," Peskov said.

Peskov did not explain why the Russian dictator canceled his plans, which he had followed for years.

Putin was last seen in public on December 9.

As reported by Ukrainian News Agency, Putin will not hold a major press conference this year, but he may still talk to the Kremlin's pool of propagandists. One of the reasons for the cancellation, as the media reported, was the "situation at the front".

British intelligence believes that Putin decided not to appear in front of the cameras so that against the background of this event, dissatisfaction with the "special military operation" did not appear.