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Russians Want To Demolish Entire Quarter In Mariupol - Andriushchenko

Russians Want To Demolish Entire Quarter In Mariupol - Andriushchenko

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In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the occupiers plan to demolish an entire quarter.

This was announced by the Mariupol City Council on the Telegram channel.

He noted that propagandist groups published a map with plans of destruction on the Yandex base.

According to them, the Russians plan to completely demolish a quarter near the Azovstal plant in the Livoberezhnyi district of Mariupol. These are Morskyi Boulevard and Azovstalska Street.

Andriushchenko noted that peaceful residents still live there. They stay in dilapidated houses without electricity, gas or heating.

"Thus, the occupiers continue their efforts to destroy Mariupol. High-rise buildings are regularly destroyed, which the Russians purposefully bombed during the siege," the mayor's adviser added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, teachers-collaborators were forbidden to teach lessons on the history of Russia in the occupied territories, this is done by experts from the Russian Federation.

In addition, the number of flu patients is increasing in Mariupol, and ambulances have stopped going to call of people with typical symptoms.