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Rada Passes Law On Media

Rada Passes Law On Media

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The Verkhovna Rada has adopted a law on media.

A total of 299 parliamentarians voted for adoption of bill No. 2693-d as a whole, with the minimum required 226, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The document introduces the regulation of online media, bloggers and various web platforms.

There is also a mechanism of co-regulation.

Also, a separate section of the bill is devoted to the broadcasting of communities - the third sector of broadcasting, which exists in Europe in parallel with public and commercial.

The document also provides for the expansion of the powers of the regulator - the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting.

According to the explanatory note, the bill regulates relations related to the dissemination of mass information, determines the legal basis for the activities in Ukraine of subjects in the field of media, as well as the principles of public administration, regulation and supervision (control) in this area.

The adopted bill provides for:

- systematization and updating of legislation provisions taking into account technological development and emergence of new types of media;

- ensuring the clarity and predictability of legislative regulation, especially in terms of unification of requirements for various media, restrictions on activities in this area (licensing, control (supervision), sanctions, etc.);

- ensuring guarantees of media independence, as well as transparency, independence and fairness of the activities of state bodies in the field of media, in particular during regulation and supervision (control), preventing the emergence of identical or duplicate powers in them;

- legislative consolidation and ensuring compliance on the territory of Ukraine with the requirements and restrictions in the field of media in order to protect the national media space of Ukraine and build an information environment capable of confronting the actual realities of hybrid war, threats to information security.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the bill on media is not supported by the vast majority of print media editors.

Maksym Tulyev, a member of the board of the Internet Association of Ukraine, believes that if the bill on media is adopted, the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting will become worse than the Russian Roskomnadzor institution.

The Main Legal Department of the Rada believes that the bill on media does not take into account the constitutional order on the prohibition of censorship.

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