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Ukraine Raises USD 1 Billion At Conferences In France - Shmyhal

Ukraine Raises USD 1 Billion At Conferences In France - Shmyhal

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Following the results of the international conference in France, Ukraine raised about USD 1 billion.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced this on a Telegram channel, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Ukraine attracted about USD 1 billion following the results of the international Standing with the Ukrainian People conference, which was held today in Paris. Of these, half are grant funds. The second half is goods, works, loans, most of which will be received this year. The main result of the day is very specific assistance to Ukraine so that we will pass this winter with the least losses," he wrote.

Shmyhal also said that following the conference, they created an effective platform of solidarity with Ukraine, which will summarize information about the needs of Ukraine and provide a mechanism for instant response of partners.

He also said that the conference initiated a program to replace 50 million old lamps with new LED lamps to save 1 GW of electricity and reduce network shortages.

The procurement of 30 million LED lamps will be financed by the European Commission.

Shmyhal stressed that Russia will not be able to plunge Ukraine into cold and dark, Ukraine, with the support of friends, will stand.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his video message to the participants of the international conference in France said that Ukraine needs emergency support from the European Union energy system and the procurement of 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas to pass winter.

Zelenskyy said that Russian shelling damaged or destroyed most Ukrainian power plants, all hydroelectric power plants and all thermal power plants.

According to him, at least EUR 1.5 billion is needed for the superficial rapid restoration of Ukrainian energy facilities broken by Russian strikes.