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Occupiers Once Again Shelled Kherson. 2 Killed, 5 Injured

Occupiers Once Again Shelled Kherson. 2 Killed, 5 Injured

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Today, December 12, in the afternoon, Kherson once again came under massive fire from the Russian invaders. It is already known about 7 victims, 2 of them died. Yaroslav Yanushevych, the head of Kherson Regional Military Administration, announced this in his Telegram channel.

"Kherson is under massive fire from the Russian occupiers. The enemy attacked the KhBK neighborhood. At this moment, we know of 7 victims, 2 of them died," he said.

Also, according to Yanushevych, emergency medical aid teams, together with the Red Cross, are heading to the Ostriv neighborhood. The number of victims is currently unknown.

"People of Kherson, if you hear the sounds of explosions, go to shelter immediately. Take care!" - Yanushevych summed up.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on December 12, the Russian occupiers shelled Kherson with MLRS and artillery. As a result of shelling of a residential neighborhood, a woman was killed, and four more civilians were injured to varying degrees.

Russian troops shelled populated areas of the Kherson Region 57 times in the past day. As a result of the attacks, one person was injured.

Earlier, the President's Office reported that the Russians had hit the maternity ward of the hospital in Kherson.

In the meantime, the SSU detained the former bank manager of the Russian Federation, who, on the instructions of collaborator Saldo, introduced rubles in Kherson.