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Electric Transport Stopped In Lviv Due To Bad Weather

Electric Transport Stopped In Lviv Due To Bad Weather

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Trams and trolleybuses will not run in Lviv on Sunday, December 11. The reason is the icing of the contact network.

This was reported by the Lviv City Council.

"Emergency crews of Lviv Elektrotrans are working to remove wet blocks of ice that have formed on the contact network. As soon as everything can be removed and there will be no further accumulation of ice, the movement of electric transport will be restored," said Iryna Maruniak, the city's deputy mayor for housing and utility services.

According to her, around 6:00 a.m., it started to rain, which quickly turned into ice on the tram and trolleybus power grid in sub-zero temperatures. In this regard, only a part of trams and trolleybuses were able to enter the routes, but now they cannot continue their movement.

As noted in Lviv Elektrotrans, emergency crews are working in an intensified mode.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, due to bad weather on the railway, there was a blackout and icing of the contact network on some sections of the railway. This caused some trains to be delayed. The bad weather mainly affected trains traveling from the west. In particular, from Poland and Slovakia.