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Prigozhin Ready To Bail Out Russian Who Ran Away With Machine Gun And Shot At Police

Prigozhin Ready To Bail Out Russian Who Ran Away With Machine Gun And Shot At Police

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The organizer of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said that he is ready to bail out the Russian Pavel Nikolin, who escaped from the front line and then shot policemen in the Rostov Oblast.

The Russian publication Vedomosti writes about it.

Prigozhin declared that he was ready to establish personal control over the Wagner mercenary.

"I am ready to bail out Nikolin under my personal responsibility, for which I have already written a petition," said the head of the PMC.

In addition, he accused the border guards of the fact that the deserter returned to the Russian Federation with weapons.

"They are going to destroy the "enemies". In order for them to know in which direction to go, it is necessary to pin an arrow on the fence or on a pole: "to the left - the enemy, to the right - the Russian Federation". Second, there will be no incidents with the fighters of the Wagner PMC in principle. They will all gather and go to work as gardeners as soon as (once again I repeat the phrase I said earlier) your children, policemen and other brave patriots of Russia will go to war. Go fight so that Wagner PMC can rest," Prigozhin said.

He also stated that in order for the military not to run away, they need more weapons and ammunition.

It will be recalled that former prisoner Pavel Nikolin was recruited by the Wagner PMC, but escaped from the front, taking a machine gun with him. On December 6, he opened fire on policemen and the town of Novoshakhtinsk, Rostov Oblast, but on December 7 he was detained. Now the deserter is being held in custody.

After his arrest, Nikolin said that he shot at the police because he allegedly mistook them for Ukrainians.