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Ombudsman Names Number Of Ukrainian POWs Held By Occupiers In Olenivka - Media

Ombudsman Names Number Of Ukrainian POWs Held By Occupiers In Olenivka - Media

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Currently, the invaders are holding 150 citizens of Ukraine, including military and civilians, in the colony in the temporarily occupied Olenivka of the Donetsk Region. Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said this in an interview with Radio Liberty.

"We are not allowed there again. Apparently, we will get access to Olenivka only after our Armed Forces liberate Olenivka. According to our information, 150 Ukrainian citizens remain there at the moment. It is not only the military," Lubinets said.

He also explained why not all Ukrainians held by the Russians want to return from captivity.

"We are often given information that one or another citizen of Ukraine does not want to return. We are currently working on an option, how I can personally check it. As one of the options, when I am personally present and citizens of Ukraine inform me that they refuse to exchange," the Ombudsman said.

Everything else, according to him, is considered as possible pressure on Ukrainians so that they do not return.

Lubinets was personally present during one of the exchanges. At that time, 6 women initially refused to return to Ukraine.

"I said that I will believe it only when they tell me about it personally. My communication was organized right there. Out of 6 women, 4 women returned to Ukraine after communicating with me. In fact, there is simply psychological pressure somewhere, manipulation somewhere," the Ombudsman said.