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Russia Seeks To Give "Fakes Appearance Of Facts" - Ukraine’s Permanent Representative At UN Security Council K

Russia Seeks To Give "Fakes Appearance Of Facts" - Ukraine’s Permanent Representative At UN Security Council Kyslytsia

Russia, Serhii Kyslytsia

Russia is trying to give "fakes the appearance of facts," hiding lies "in numerous terms and names, technical characteristics and figures."

This was announced at a regular meeting of the United Nations Security Council by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Serhii Kyslytsia at a meeting of the UN Security Council, Ukrinform reports.

Responding to the accusations of the Russian delegation of allegedly getting Western weapons from Ukraine to third countries, Kyslytsia noted that Moscow, in order to seem convincing, wraps up lies "in numerous terms and names, technical characteristics and figures. All this should give fakes the appearance of facts."

He recalled that in early September, Russia had already voiced such accusations in the UN Security Council.

But after that, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an operation to liberate the east and south of the country.

"This is the most powerful and compelling evidence that all the weapons that Ukraine has serve its direct purpose - to help Ukrainian soldiers liberate our people and our territories," Kyslytsia said.

He said that in Ukraine, a multi-level control system functions to prevent the illegal use of weapons.

Control over the circulation and use of small arms and light weapons is carried out at the interdepartmental level with the participation of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the SSU, the State Border Guard Service and other state structures.

The State Export Control Service of Ukraine and the Interdepartmental Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation and Export Control are responsible for the implementation of the relevant state policy on military and dual-use goods.

According to the Permanent Representative, Ukraine has a three-tier system of control and supervision over weapons supplied by foreign partners. Parliamentary control is provided by a temporary special commission. The President implements his powers through the NSDC.

At the government level, the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces, together with foreign partners, carry out direct control and monitoring of arms supplies to Ukraine, as well as the movement of international technical assistance.

Kyslytsia noted that instead of serious attention from the UN Security Council and relevant international mechanisms, the activities in the occupied territories of Ukraine and in other countries of the world of the Russian private military company Wagner Group deserve.

According to him, after the defeat of Russia and the end of the war, its demilitarization and denuclearization should take place.

"This will prevent the threat of a repeat of aggression and will lay a solid foundation for both turning Russia into a peace-loving state and ensuring sustainable peace and security," Kyslytsia said.

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