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Putin Claims Russia Should Have Started War In Ukraine Earlier

Putin Claims Russia Should Have Started War In Ukraine Earlier

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the so-called special military operation in Ukraine had to be launched earlier, but he allegedly hoped for the Minsk agreements.

The corresponding video was published by the Russian news agency TASS, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Putin said he was struck by the words of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Minsk agreements were needed in order to give Ukraine time to become stronger.

"I did not expect to hear this from the former federal chancellor, because I always proceeded from the fact that the leadership of the federal republic behaved sincerely with us and sought a settlement on the principles that we agreed on, including as part of the Minsk process. What is now sounded only says that we did everything correctly in terms of the start of a special military operation, because it turns out that no one was going to implement all these Minsk agreements, the leadership of Ukraine.... But I still expected that the other participants in the process were sincere, and, it turns out, they deceived us. The point was only to pump Ukraine with weapons and prepare it for hostilities. We were late, to be honest, and should have started this earlier, but we expected that we would still be able to agree," the Russian dictator said.

Putin also said that in the end it will still have to be agreed, and Russia is supposedly ready for this.

"It will still have to be agreed in the end, and I have already said many times that we are ready for these agreements, we are open..." Putin said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in early December Putin visited the Crimean Bridge, the road section of which the occupiers restored after damage by an explosion in early October.