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Russians Begin To Understand Even Rear Regions Dangerous - Air Force Spokesman Ihnat

Russians Begin To Understand Even Rear Regions Dangerous - Air Force Spokesman Ihnat

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Explosions on the territory of Russia indicate that the war with Ukraine concerns every citizen of the Russian Federation.

The speaker of the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yurii Ihnat stated this on the air of the national telethon, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to him, so far the enemy's aviation activity is small.

"Those military and civilian Russians who said that the "special operation" does not concern me," now it is clear that they will not get anywhere from the war. From those consequences of Russian aggression, which the whole world condemns. It will now touch everyone," Ihnat said.

He stressed that all cases of "blasts" in the Russian territory have a psychological influence on the civil and military of the Russian Federation.

"We see that in Belgorod there are also problems with the light, with oil depots. For some reason, that happens. Therefore, this should be a serious psychological factor in influencing, in addition to the military, the population of Russia and its military. Now it is not clear whether it will be safe even in their rear regions," Ihnat concluded.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, two Tu-95 bombers were damaged at the Engels airfield (Saratov Region, Russia) as a result of an explosion, which occurred after the fall of an unidentified drone.

A second similar incident occurred at the Dyagilevo air base in the Ryazan Region, where a fuel tanker caught fire as a result of an explosion.