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November Inflation 0.7%

November Inflation 0.7%

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In November 2022, consumer prices rose by 0.7%. This is stated in the report of the State Statistics Service, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Including prices for food products and non-alcoholic beverages in November increased by 0.6%, for clothes and shoes - decreased by 1.6%, for housing and utility services - increased by 0.2%, for services related to with health care - increased by 1.0%, for education - did not change.

Compared to November 2021, consumer prices rose by 26.5% in November 2022.

In January-November 2022, inflation was 25.7%.

In November 2022, the basic consumer price index increased by 1.3%.

In January-November 2022, the basic consumer price index increased by 21.6%.

Core inflation is a sub-index of the consumer price index.

The basic CPI (basic inflation) is a part of inflation that shows the dynamics of free prices without taking into account items whose prices are affected by administrative and seasonal factors.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, in October 2022, consumer prices rose by 2.5%.

In October 2022, the basic consumer price index increased by 1.9%.

In 2021, inflation was recorded at 10.0%; at 5.0% in 2020, at 4.1% in 2019; at 9.8% in 2018.

In 2021, core inflation was 7.9%.

The state budget for 2022 provides for an increase in consumer prices (December over December) - 6.2%.

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