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Volunteer From Sweden Died Near Bakhmut

Volunteer From Sweden Died Near Bakhmut

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A 20-year-old Swedish citizen died in Ukraine. European Pravda writes about this with reference to SVT.

It is noted that the man was from the south of Sweden, his relatives have already been informed.

According to the Swedish media, the man died from a collision with a combat vehicle during the evacuation of a wounded man at the front in Bakhmut. It is reported that he was there as a volunteer of the Hospitaliers organization.

In the summer of this year, as a result of hostilities in Ukraine a 30-year-old Swedish citizen was killed by a shell near the front in the Donetsk region. The man previously served in the Armed Forces of Sweden, but resigned to go to Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 70 bodies of killed occupiers were delivered to Horlivka during the two days of fighting near Bakhmut.

Previously, the network showed the fortifications of the occupiers, which they built in the direction of Bakhmut. Fighting continues in the Bakhmut and Avdiyivka directions.