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Putin Says That Threat Of Nuclear War Growing

Putin Says That Threat Of Nuclear War Growing

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, who started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and annexed part of its territory, believes that the threat of nuclear war is growing in the world.

He stated this during a meeting of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights of the Russian Federation.

"The threat of nuclear war... Such a threat, it must be confessed, is growing. Regarding the fact that Russia will not use first under any circumstances, then if it does not use first under any circumstances, it means that it will not use second either. Because the possibility of using in the event of a nuclear attack on our territory, they are severely limited," Putin said.

He added that Russia views nuclear weapons as a defensive weapon that is part of a "reciprocal strike."

The dictator also believes that Russian nuclear weapons "are more advanced than any other country in the world."

We will remind, today Vladimir Putin said that the so-called "special military operation " - that is, the war in Ukraine - could become a long process, but for the Russian Federation, a "significant result" appeared.

On December 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a closed-door meeting with members of the Security Council on "ensuring the country's internal security."