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Threats To Ukrainian Embassies Continue. Kuleba Tells Where Packages Come From

Threats To Ukrainian Embassies Continue. Kuleba Tells Where Packages Come From

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Embassies of Ukraine in other countries continue to receive threats. At the same time, a number of factors indicate the professional level of implementation of the "action".

This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, on Facebook.

According to Kuleba, our embassies and consulates continue to work under increased security measures, police borders, arrivals of cynologists, pyrotechnicians and forensic experts.

Only in the last two days, the packages arrived at the embassies in Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Denmark, as well as the consulate in Gdansk.

As the minister noted, in total diplomatic missions have already received 31 packages:

  • Austria - 1 package;
  • Vatican - 1;
  • Denmark - 1;
  • Spain - 5;
  • Italy - 4;
  • Kazakhstan - 1;
  • Netherlands - 1;
  • Poland - 6;
  • Portugal - 2;
  • Romania - 2;
  • USA - 1;
  • Hungary - 2;
  • France - 1;
  • Croatia - 1;
  • Czech Republic - 2.

All envelopes have the same sender address - the Tesla car dealership in the German town of Sindelfingen. At the same time, in most cases, shipments were made from post offices that do not have video surveillance systems. Also, no traces of DNA were found on the packages.

"I am in constant contact with my colleagues, ministers of foreign affairs, Ukrainian embassies interact with the foreign party in the context of the investigation of all cases of threats. I am also grateful to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, who also promptly started the investigation," the minister added.

Kuleba noted that the campaign of terror against diplomats is unprecedented in its scale.

"I do not recall cases in history when such a number of embassies and consulates of one country were subjected to such massive attacks in such a short period of time," the minister noted.

The minister added that our diplomats will continue to work for the victory of Ukraine.

We will remind, Ukrainian embassies in six European countries received bloodstained packages with animal eyes.

On November 30, it became known that an envelope with explosives had arrived at the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain, after which Kuleba ordered to strengthen the security of all Ukrainian embassies.