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Russians Began To Move Aircraft After Attack On Engels Airfield - AFU

Russians Began To Move Aircraft After Attack On Engels Airfield - AFU

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After the explosion that occurred on the morning of December 5 at the Engels-2 air base of Russia's strategic aviation in the Saratov Oblast, the Russian Federation began to disperse aircraft. Six of them were relocated. This is reported by the Telegram channel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - War with the Occupiers.

"In addition, if you look in more detail, two Tu-160s and three Tu-95s (two of them have definitely been "retired" for a long time, as they have been standing there for many months) remained in their place. Usually, after the "arrival" all the equipment "in working condition" is being moved. And here many aircraft are left in place. Why? Because, probably, they are not in such a good condition, if at all they are working," the channel reports.

It also reports why more UAVs were not launched to destroy more aircraft. According to the military, this was a test and a very successful one.

We will remind, in Russia, a fuel tanker exploded at the military airfield near Ryazan.

An explosion rang out at the Engels airfield, from where bombers take off to attack Ukraine. In addition to the damage to two strategic bombers, two Russian servicemen were injured and hospitalized.