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Estonia Will Not Be Able To Help New Ukrainian Refugees As Before If Their Number Increases Sharply - Kallas

Estonia Will Not Be Able To Help New Ukrainian Refugees As Before If Their Number Increases Sharply - Kallas

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Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas said that her country will not be able to help Ukrainian refugees as before if a new wave of refugees begins. There may be problems with free housing and work, but then other countries can do more, for example Finland. Europe is expecting a new influx of Ukrainians amid Russia's attacks on the country's infrastructure.

Kallas made the corresponding statement in an interview with the Estonian publication ERR.

According to her, Russia is purposefully trying to make life in Ukraine absolutely impossible. That is why it strikes at the civil and energy infrastructure of the country.

"We said to Finland that we really can't help the refugees from Ukraine properly anymore, and the Finns said they can take more. I can't imagine that we can say to the refugees at the border: go back. We can say: we can't help you at the same level as we helped before, and Finland, for example, can help you better," Kallas said.

The head of the Estonian government noted that despite the continuation of Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, Estonia has not yet recorded a new wave of refugees.

In addition, Estonia continues to help Ukraine restore its energy infrastructure.

"The important thing is that we direct aid to Ukraine to help people in Ukraine, to restore the energy infrastructure, to create opportunities for life there, so that people do not have to leave out of there. All this, of course, we do. But I say all the time that we have been generous so far in helping Ukraine in need. And I am proud of the people of Estonia who have opened their hearts. Of course there are limits to everything and if we are not be able to take in more people because we have no more accommodation here and jobs, then others can do more," said the Head of the Estonian Government.

Kallas also added that her country is providing Ukraine with assistance that allows it to restore the energy infrastructure and preserve life opportunities in the country.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 28, the Polish authorities announced that they have not yet observed an increase in the flow of refugees from Ukraine, but are preparing for all scenarios.

And in the Netherlands, municipalities have asked the government to provide information on the plan to accommodate Ukrainians in the event of new waves of refugees.

It will be recalled that at the beginning of November, the countries of Eastern Europe announced preparations for a new wave of refugees from Ukraine against the backdrop of Russia's massive attacks on the country's infrastructure.

The news story was updated at the request of the press service of the Estonian government.