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Ukraine Returns 60 Soldiers From Captivity On Day Of AFU - Yermak

Ukraine Returns 60 Soldiers From Captivity On Day Of AFU - Yermak

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Ukraine conducted another prisoner exchange with Russia and returned 60 servicemen. Head of the Office of the President Andrii Yermak announced this on his Telegram channel on Tuesday, December 6.

"Another successful exchange of prisoners. Symbolic. On the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine, 60 soldiers of the armed forces, the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service - 58 men and two women, 15 officers and 45 privates and sergeants - are returning home. This is the best news on the day of the holiday, because the heroes must be alive. This is what our Armed Forces are fighting for - the battle for life continues," Yermak wrote.

The head of the President's Office noted that in today's "list of 60" 34 defenders of Mariupol were returned, including 14 from Azovstal, as well as those who were in Olenivka and were held on the territory of the Russian Federation. There are wounded among those released, who will receive all the necessary help in Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on December 1, Ukraine and Russia exchanged prisoners according to the "50 for 50" formula.

On November 28, the head of the "LPR" grouping, Leonid Pasichnyk, announced another exchange of prisoners: the grouping received 23 of its fighters.

On November 26, the "DPR" grouping announced the exchange of prisoners. The Ukrainian side confirmed the exchange: 12 people were returned to Ukraine.

On November 23, Ukraine and Russia also exchanged prisoners, one civilian and 35 soldiers were returned home from Russian captivity.