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Power Deficit In Power System Is 19% Of Projected Consumption - Shmyhal

Power Deficit In Power System Is 19% Of Projected Consumption - Shmyhal

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The power deficit in the power system is 19% of the projected consumption.

This was announced by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal at a government meeting, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Yesterday, the air defense forces shot down more than 60 Russian missiles. This is an incredible result, thanks to which many lives were saved, and our energy system remained intact and controlled by Ukrenergo dispatchers. Despite hitting individual objects of the energy infrastructure, the energy workers promise to eliminate the consequences of yesterday's shelling in the coming days. However, we understand that the power deficit in the power system will continue. It is now 19% of the projected consumption," he said.

According to Shmyhal, 35% of the key objects of the trunk networks have been damaged in recent months by massive attacks by the Russians.

"70% of them were hit two or more times. Yesterday, the enemy fired 7 rockets at one of the substations in the Odesa Region. That is why power outage schedules continue to operate in the country," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, electricity supply to consumers of the Odesa Region is planned to be restored on Tuesday by the end of the day.

During the massive Russian shelling on December 5, energy facilities were hit in the Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Odesa Regions, but Ukraine's energy system is functioning and remains intact.