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Russia Confirms Ukrainian Attack On Airfields Where Strategic Aviation Based

Russia Confirms Ukrainian Attack On Airfields Where Strategic Aviation Based

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The Ministry of Defense of Russia has confirmed that this morning the Ukrainian military did strike the airfields of the Air and Space Forces of the Russian Federation in the Ryazan and Saratov Oblasts.

This is stated in a message published by the press service of the Russian authority.

The occupiers admitted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine this morning attacked the Diaghilev (Ryazan Oblast) and Engels (Saratov Oblast) airfields, where strategic bombers were located.

It is these aircraft (Tu-160 and Tu-95) that launch air-to-surface cruise missiles during massive missile attacks on Ukraine.

"The Kyiv regime made attempts to strike Soviet-made jet unmanned aerial vehicles at the Diaghilev and Engels military airfields... Ukrainian UAVs flying at low altitude were intercepted by air defense means," the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said.

Despite the supposedly "effective" work of Russian air defense systems, Ukrainian attacks on airfields resulted in the death of 3 servicemen and the wounding of 4 more.

In addition, the skins of two aircraft based on the above-mentioned airfields were damaged.

We will remind that today, December 5, the Russian mass media reported on the explosions that thundered at the Engels airfield in the Saratov Oblast. As a result of the incident, two Tu-95 aircraft were damaged.

Russian mass media also reported on the explosion of a fuel tank at the Diaghilev Air Base in the Ryazan Oblast.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier today the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces commented on the incidents at Russian military airfields.

We also reported that a few days ago the Russian Air Force concentrated more than 20 missile-carrying aircraft at the Engels airfield in the Saratov Oblast, preparing for a new missile attack on Ukraine.