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Snow leopard cub released into wild in Tibet

Snow leopard cub released into wild in Tibet

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Snow leopard. Photo by Xinhua/Chogo.
Snow leopard. Photo by Xinhua/Chogo.

A snow leopard, a species on China's top protection list, was released into the wild on Sunday, months after it was rescued in the rural area of Lhasa, the capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. This was reported by The Xinhua News Agency.

In July, two weak cubs were found in a curling position when a local villager in Lhunzhub County was on his way to dig caterpillar fungus, said Luo Qin, who works at the forestry and grassland administration of the county.

The other cub died despite rescue efforts.

Tenzin Dargye, a wildlife ranger responsible for taking care of the snow leopard, said the male cub, now almost six months old, is healthy enough to be released into the wild, and they will keep tracking its condition to make sure it will get used to nature.

This year, Lhunzhub County rescued many wild animals under the country's top protection list, including a snow leopard, six black-necked cranes, and more than 10 white-lipped deer.