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Wagner starts recruiting mercenaries in African prisons – media

Wagner starts recruiting mercenaries in African prisons – media

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The Wagner private military company has started taking prisoners from the prisons of the Central African Republic to send them to the war in Ukraine.

This follows from a report by the British publication Daily Beast with reference to two high-ranking officers of the Central African Republic and former mercenaries.

According to the sources, it is about members of insurgent movements that carried out terrorist attacks with a political goal and were particularly brutal during the long-term civil war. The local Wagner branch also recruits those convicted of serious crimes: murder, rape, and armed robbery.

"The people of Wagner said that they urgently need people in Mali and in Ukraine. I think that more than 20 people who we imprisoned for very serious crimes have been released," said an officer who works with the CAR army.

Another source said that recruitment began in October: the Wagnerites "are releasing the rebels and no one can stop them because the government has given them so much power that they can do whatever they want."

Two former mercenaries from the local Wagner branch said that about 50 prisoners have disappeared from prisons in recent months. According to them, the convicts were recruited for the war in Ukraine: "They just take people away without even informing their families. If something goes wrong, no one will know what happened to them."

Founded by Putin's cook Prigozhin, the Wagner company has been operating in the CAR since the local government turned to the Russian Federation for arms and security assistance in 2017. According to Radio Svoboda, Prigozhin's people, including military instructors and political technologists, "work in at least 25 African countries, including Mali, Libya, North and South Sudan, Angola, Guinea, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and the Republic of Congo."