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Poland Fails To Recognize Russia As State Sponsor Of Terrorism

Poland Fails To Recognize Russia As State Sponsor Of Terrorism

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The Sejm of the Republic of Poland failed to pass a resolution to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism due to the opposition's blocking of an amendment made by the ruling party. This was reported by the Polish publication PAP on Friday, December 2.

The publication notes that on December 1, the Sejm was supposed to vote for a resolution on the recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, but during the debate, an amendment from PiS was submitted to the project, which caused objections from the opposition.

"The Russian Federation is directly responsible for the downing of a Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight in July 2014, as a result of which 298 passengers and crew were killed, as well as for the crash of Polish Air Force flight 101 in Smolensk, Russia, in April 2010, in which 96 people died, including the President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczynski, Polish government officials, high-ranking commanders of Polish and NATO forces, as well as members of the Polish parliament," the amendment says.

Government spokesman Piotr Muller explained that the opposition did not participate in the vote for the amendment resolution, so it was not adopted in the absence of a quorum. At the same time, 226 members of the Polish parliament voted in total, 225 of them in favor, one abstained. The opposition demanded to vote the earlier resolution, without an amendment.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 23, the European Parliament supported a resolution recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and a state that "uses means of terrorism."

On November 21, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly recognized Russia as a terrorist state.

In October, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) also recognized the Russian regime as terrorist.