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Kyiv Gradually Approaching Planned Power Outages - Kyiv City Administration

Kyiv Gradually Approaching Planned Power Outages - Kyiv City Administration

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Kyiv has increased the limit on electricity consumption. The capital city is gradually approaching planned power outages.

This was reported by the Kyiv City State Administration’s press service.

At the same time, as noted in the press service, accidents in the power system are occurring more and more often. According to Serhii Kovalenko, YASNO director general, there are several reasons for this.

  • The first - the townspeople start plugging in everything as soon as the light comes on. Automation knocks out from voltage drops.
  • The second is the weather. The townspeople continue to use electric heaters. They create a considerable load on the network.

"We ask residents of Kyiv not to turn on all the electrical appliances in your home at once. The instantaneous peak load has a negative effect on the power system. Only frugal consumption will bring us closer to scheduled power outages," the statement reads.

It will be recalled that yesterday the Kyiv City State Administration reported that Kyiv reduced the time of power outages from 9 to 7 hours, the number of houses that do not turn off to 745.

In the meantime, the State Energy Inspectorate will conduct unscheduled inspections of compliance with power outage schedules.