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Russian Terrorists Will Not Be Able To De-Energize Ukraine - DTEK CEO Tymchenko

Russian Terrorists Will Not Be Able To De-Energize Ukraine - DTEK CEO Tymchenko

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Russian terrorists have no chance to plunge Ukraine into the darkness with rocket attacks, because the energy industry has learned to cope with difficult situations.

The director of DTEK Maksym Tymchenko stated this at the Kyiv Security Forum, Correspondent reports on Thursday, December 1.

Tymchenko stressed that no energy system, which would be equal in size to the Ukrainian, faced such large-scale attacks and did not suffer such devastating damage. But Ukrainian power engineers managed to restore power supply in some regions in a few hours, and in some - in a few days after the shelling.

"We are more than confident, especially after the attack last week, that Russia has no chance of plunging Ukraine into darkness. We know how to deal with these difficult situations. We use our technical creativity to combine different parts of the power system," said the head of DTEK.

Tymchenko explained that power engineers combine different parts of the power system through their technical creativity.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Andrii Herus, Chairman of the Energy and Housing Committee, said that this winter it is impossible to restore all damaged energy infrastructure facilities.

On November 24, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his evening address said that the electricity situation remains difficult in almost all regions.

On November 17, the Ukrenergo national energy company reported that the Ukrainian power system suffered unprecedented destruction due to Russian shelling.