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People Dying, Equipment Depleted. Russia In East Gaining Temporary Operational Success - ISW

People Dying, Equipment Depleted. Russia In East Gaining Temporary Operational Success - ISW

Bakhmut, ISW, Bakhmut direction, Institute for the Study of War

Russia's attempts to seize the territory in the Bakhmut direction lead only to limited operational or strategic success and heavy losses in manpower.

It is reported by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

They noted that since the end of May, Russian troops have been constantly spending combat forces on small settlements around Bakhmut; in the next six months they were only able to advance a few kilometers.

Attempts to capture Bakhmut lead to exhaustion of military and equipment, which is why the Russian army gets caught for weeks and months in small settlements. According to a similar scheme, Severodonetsk and Lysychansk were occupied. But this tactical success led to little operational effect.

Russia's efforts in this direction, for the most part, have already stalled. Even if Russian troops continue to advance to Bakhmut, Moscow will not receive serious operational advantages.

The costs associated with six months of fierce, zealous and grueling fighting around Bakhmut far outweigh any operational advantage the Russians might gain from taking Bakhmut. The offensive around Bakhmut absorbs a significant part of Russia's available combat power, contributing to the advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in other areas, analysts summarized.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, yesterday, November 30, the General Staff reported that the occupiers continue to advance near Bakhmut and are trying to improve the tactical position near Avdiivka.

The command also reported that the Ukrainian aviation over the past day launched 15 strikes on the places of concentration of personnel and equipment of the invaders.