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DTEK Energy Ships 20,000 Tons Of Coal To State TPPs

DTEK Energy Ships 20,000 Tons Of Coal To State TPPs

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DTEK Energy has shipped 20,000 tons of coal to state thermal power plants (TPPs).

This is stated in the company's message, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In addition to 100,000 tons of coal, which was shipped for the needs of state TPPs earlier, DTEK Energy provided them with another 20,000 tons of coal that is now very necessary. 10,000 tons have already been shipped, and another 10,000 are being shipped right now. This will allow heat generation and the Ukrainian power system to pass the heating season more reliably," it says.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 25 new ranks were put into operation at DTEK Energy mines for 10 months.

DTEK Energy Company is a structure of DTEK Holding Company, which combines coal business, electricity generation, as well as mining engineering enterprises.

DTEK manages the energy assets of System Capital Management.

100% of SCM's shares are owned by businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

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