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Kh-55 Cruise Missiles Distract Air Defense, Kh-101 Hit Targets. General Staff Explains Tactics Of Russia

Kh-55 Cruise Missiles Distract Air Defense, Kh-101 Hit Targets. General Staff Explains Tactics Of Russia

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Russia began to use Kh-55 strategic cruise missiles without a warhead against Ukraine to wear out air defense. This is what the occupiers already did on October 31 - the wreckage of the Soviet Kh-55 missile was found on the territory of Ukraine.

Mykola Danyliuk, a representative of the Central Military-Scientific Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stated this at a briefing today.

According to him, on October 31, the Russian Federation launched 50 cruise missiles over the territory of Ukraine. Most of them were Kh-101 and ZM14 Kalibr missiles. However, in the Khmelnytskyi and Lviv Regions, fragments of older Kh-55 missiles, without the explosive part, were found.

"It has been established that the fragments belong to the Kh-55 strategic cruise missile. This is a Soviet missile designed to strike strategic targets, the coordinates of which are known in advance. It flies at an extremely low altitude, at subsonic speed with the ability to go around the terrain," Danyliuk explained.

According to him, such missiles could be launched in order to distract air defense, while more precise missiles were supposed to hit real targets.

"First of all, it can be argued that the deliberate launch of these missiles is aimed at conducting demonstration actions, distracting the attention of Ukrainian air defense, exhausting it. While modern Russian missiles Kh-101 and 3M-14 complex Kalibr are headed for the objects of critical infrastructure, residential quarters, which increases the effectiveness of their use. In other words, the launch of these missiles is aimed at revealing our air defense, and its exhaustion!" Danyliuk emphasized.

He also noted that the missile poses a significant threat of indiscriminate damage. In addition, the use of such missiles indicates the exhaustion of the Russian Federation's arsenal of cruise missiles.

Danyliuk emphasized that all the serial numbers on the Kh-55 were obliterated. The Armed Forces assume that these could be the same missiles that Ukraine handed over to Russia in the 1990s.

It will be recalled that the Pentagon has already pointed out that during massive attacks, Russia launches unarmed cruise missiles over Ukraine to distract Ukrainian air defense.