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Kyiv Reduces Time Of Power Outages From 9 To 7 Hours, Number Of Houses That Do Not Turn Off To 745 - Kyiv City

Kyiv Reduces Time Of Power Outages From 9 To 7 Hours, Number Of Houses That Do Not Turn Off To 745 - Kyiv City Administration

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Kyiv has reduced the time of disconnection of the residents of Kyiv from electricity supply from 9 to 7 hours a day, the number of houses that are not disconnected from electricity - from 2,000 to 745. This was reported by the Kyiv City Military Administration in the Telegram channel, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The Kyiv City Military Administration noted that Kyiv's energy system is stabilizing, but emergency power outages continue, the speed of returning to planned stabilization schedules depends on Kyiv residents.

According to the director general of YASNO, Serhii Kovalenko, on Monday, November 28, Kyiv residents were without electricity for more than 9 hours, on Wednesday, November 30 - for 7 hours.

"Regarding buildings that are in the same network as critical infrastructure objects. If possible, the energy companies will switch to another line that is turned off. Previously, there were 2,000 such buildings in the capital, now - 745. If it is not possible to re-connect the building to another line, it will be turned off manually. These responsibilities will be assigned to ZHEK/OSBB or management companies," the statement reads.

The Kyiv City Military Administration emphasizes that the conscious and economical consumption of electricity by residents of the capital will speed up the return of stabilization schedules and will allow to reduce the time of power outages, and urges not to immediately turn on all electrical appliances in the home after an emergency power outage, because the instantaneous peak load has a negative effect on the power system.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 30, the Ukrenergo national energy company reported that the capacity deficit in Ukraine's energy system is 27%.

In his video messages, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy repeatedly demanded to make the situation with Ukrainians' electricity outages as predictable and fair as possible for all citizens.