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Occupiers Take Manpower And Equipment From Oleshky In Kherson Region - General Staff

Occupiers Take Manpower And Equipment From Oleshky In Kherson Region - General Staff

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The Russian occupiers withdrew some units and military equipment from Oleshky in the Kherson Region.

This was announced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"There is a decrease in the number of Russian soldiers and military equipment in the settlement of Oleshky. Enemy troops have been withdrawn from certain settlements of the Kherson Region and are dispersed in forest strips along the section of the Oleshky - Hola Prystan highway. The bulk of the troops are mobilized persons," the General Staff reported.

According to the authority, the enemy is defending previously occupied lines in the Kherson direction.

Areas of settlements located on the right bank of the Dnieper River were hit by artillery and tank fire last day.

In addition, the enemy does not stop shelling the suburbs and the city of Kherson itself.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the police took control of 182 settlements in the Kherson Region.

In the Kherson Region, the occupiers shelled the private sector of Hornostayivka, whose residents refused the so-called "evacuation".

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine declares the facts of the detonation of the civilian population during the withdrawal of the Russian occupiers in the Kherson Region.