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US To Begin Training Of Ukrainian Military In More Intensive Training Program - Media

US To Begin Training Of Ukrainian Military In More Intensive Training Program - Media

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The U.S. leadership is discussing the possibility of expanding the training program for military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to train up to 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers every month.

This was reported by CNN with reference to American officials with knowledge of this issue.

According to one of them, the adoption of this decision will mark a significant increase not only in the number of Ukrainian soldiers undergoing training, but also in the type of their training.

According to the new training program, American instructors will be able to train larger groups of Ukrainian soldiers in combat tactics, which include coordinating infantry maneuvers using artillery.

Another source said that this is more intense training than the one that the Ukrainian military takes place in the UK or Poland.

According to the publication, if the new training program is approved, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take place at the base of the American army in German Grafenwoehr.

Many Western countries provide assistance to Ukraine in the preparation of military personnel. Similar training takes place in the UK, Poland, Germany and other European countries.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on October 17, the European Union approved the creation of a mission to train the Ukrainian military (EUMAM UA).

And as of mid-September, almost 5,000 people completed training in the UK as part of the program for training the AFU personnel.