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Ukrainian Energy System Cannot Be Completely Restored This Winter - Herus

Ukrainian Energy System Cannot Be Completely Restored This Winter - Herus

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Due to constant shelling by the Russian occupiers, it is impossible to restore all damaged energy infrastructure facilities during this winter, despite the support of Western partners. Andrii Herus, the head of the Committee on Energy and Housing, stated this, the press service of the Staff of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine reports.

Herus noted that Ukraine buys and receives new equipment from Western partners, but not everything available in Europe fits Ukraine's needs.

"The equipment, which is in the warehouses of our European partners, is already on its way to Ukraine, it is quickly transferred. However, during this winter, it is impossible to restore all the damaged objects of the energy infrastructure. The Ukrainian energy system is under constant fire from the Russian occupiers, there is no such amount of the equipment in Europe that Ukraine needs, it will take no less than 6 months to manufacture it," the head of the Committee emphasized.

But Ukraine has its reserves, many energy equipment is repaired by its own forces. Today, more than 75% of electricity consumption needs in the country are covered, only 25% of consumers do not have electricity, Herus said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, during the massive missile attack on November 23, the Russian Federation fired 70 missiles at Ukraine.

On November 24, in his evening address, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the electricity situation remains difficult in almost all regions.

On November 17, Ukrenergo reported that the energy system of Ukraine has suffered unprecedented destruction due to Russian shelling.