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Putin Intensifies Repression Against RF Residents - British Intelligence

Putin Intensifies Repression Against RF Residents - British Intelligence

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Changes to the law on "foreign agents" will enter into force on the territory of Russia from December 1. Putin has been using this law for repression for ten years.

The British Ministry of Defense reported this on Twitter.

As noted in the summary, the 2012 law defines "foreign agents" as individuals or organizations that have received financial support from abroad. The amendments would expand the definition to include persons who simply are under unspecified "influence or pressure" from foreign players. The Ministry of Justice would also have the power to publish the personal information and addresses of designated "foreign agents," which would almost certainly put them at risk of prosecution.

"The new laws will further expand the repressive powers of the Russian state. This trend has been ongoing since Putin returned to the presidency in 2012, but accelerated sharply after the invasion of Ukraine," the report said.

The Kremlin is likely acting pre-emptively to prevent domestic dissent from escalating as the conflict remains unresolved and increasingly affects the daily lives of Russians, Britain's Ministry of Defense said.

It will be recalled that earlier Putin told the mothers of fallen Russian soldiers that their children would have died anyway.