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Pentagon Says Russia Launches Decoy Missiles On Ukraine To Divert Air Defenses

Pentagon Says Russia Launches Decoy Missiles On Ukraine To Divert Air Defenses

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During massive attacks, Russia launches unarmed cruise missiles at Ukraine to distract Ukrainian air defense.

A senior Pentagon official announced this on November 29 at a press briefing, Voice of America reports.

The official was asked to comment on British military intelligence findings from November 26 that Russia was "likely removing nuclear warheads from its cruise missiles and using missiles to divert Ukrainian air defenses."

British intelligence referred to an open source photo with debris from the downed by the Ukrainian air defense cruise missile Kh-55, developed in the USSR in the 1980s as a means of delivering a nuclear charge. According to the British military, the nuclear warheads on these missiles are replaced with empty bolts, but such missiles can still cause damage due to the kinetic energy of the missile and unspent fuel.

The Pentagon agreed that Russia can use such tactics to "reduce the effect of air defense systems used by Ukrainians."

The Pentagon also believes that a series of Russian missile attacks on Ukraine, in particular, aims to deplete the ammunition of Ukrainian air defense, and thus achieve dominance in the sky of Ukraine.

After that, a Pentagon spokesman noted that the United States supplies air defense systems and missiles to Ukraine. We are talking about both modern air defense systems and Soviet ones. In particular, the Patriot air defense system may be supplied to Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, U.S. Defense Ministry spokesman Pat Ryder said that the Pentagon does not currently plan to supply Patriot systems from the United States to Ukraine.

Germany offered Poland a Patriot missile defense system after a missile fell in Poland during a Russian attack against Ukraine and killed two people.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that it would be better if German Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems were placed in Ukraine, but the decision was for Germany.