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EU To Send 40 More Generators To Ukraine

EU To Send 40 More Generators To Ukraine

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The European Union will transfer 40 more generators to Ukraine.

High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell announced this on Twitter, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“Russia attempts to break morale of Ukraine by targeting energy infrastructure and using winter as weapon of war against civilians. At G7 meeting we coordinate our support; EU is sending 40 power generators in addition to the 550 already provided via EU Commission Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Civil Protection Mechanism,” he wrote.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba was also present at the meeting of the G7 at the level of foreign ministers on support for Ukraine, which was urgently initiated by the presiding officer of the Germany group after the last massive blow of the Russian Federation to the Ukrainian infrastructure.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, speaking at a meeting of foreign ministers of G7 member countries, Kuleba noted that if Ukraine is forced to buy electricity from the European Union, then its additional financial support will be needed.